MTL Six Packs members

Upgrade status to Premium just by having at least 1 of the following products Enjoy better privileges and extra Smile Points from collected E-Stickers

Smart Health Rider
Hospital Daily Benefit Rider
Hospital and Surgical Rider (H&S)
VIP Health Insurance Rider
Lump Sum Health Insurance Rider
CI Perfect Care Rider
Happy Living Rider
Multiple CI Rider
Elite Health Rider
Surgical Rider
Outpatient Coverage Endorsement (OPD)
Extra Care Health Insurance Rider
Government Officer Happy Health Rider
Smart Living Rider
Cancer Rider
Pure Cancer Rider
Happy Lady Rider
Happy Lady Plus Rider
Diabetes Protection Rider

Health Rider
Smart Health

Health Rider

Health Rider

Health Rider
Health Lump Sum

CI Rider
CI Perfect Care

CI Rider
CI Happy Living

CI Rider
Multiple CI