Details of Insurance Package

Premium Payment Period

1 Time

Term of Coverage

1 Year

Mode of Premium


Health Check Up

No health check

Rider Attachment

Not able to purchase other riders to attach to the policy



  1. Act of the insured while under the influence of alcohol or addictive substance or narcotic drug that impairs the insured’s mental faculty.  The term “under the influence of alcohol” is in case of having blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test result of 150 mg/dL or over.
  2. Suicide, suicide attempt, or self-inflicted injury. 
  3. Exposure to bacteria with exception to disease infection or tetanus or rabies as a result of accidental wound (applicable to the coverage terms in No. 1 and 2 only).
  4. Miscarriage with exception to a miscarriage that is directly caused by accident (applicable to the coverage terms in No. 1 and 2 only).
  5. War (whether declared or undeclared), invasion or act of foreign enemies, civil war, revolution, rebellion, insurgency, riot, strike.
  6. Nuclear weapon, radiation or radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or nuclear waste. 
  7. While the insured is committing a felony or being arrested or escaping the arrest under a criminal case that was committed with intent as an element of the crime. 
  8. While the insured is serving as a soldier, policeman or a volunteer in a war or suppression.  

Remark :

  1. Able to purchase not more than two policies per person and if there is more purchase than that, coverage will be provided for the first two policies.  The subsequent insurer shall return the premium in full amount to the insured/beneficiary.
  2. Please check the details of the conditions and coverage of the insurance policy via the Company’s website:   
  3. Contact about claims at Tel. 1766 and if there is any query, contact the insurance hotline No. 1186.
  4. Insurable age: The insured has to age from 20 years to 60 years on the insurance formation date.