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Media Clearing (Transferring policy benefits to bank account)
Media Clearing (Transferring policy benefits to bank account)
Customer Benefits
1. The customers will not be charged with the fee of cheque collection in different districts.
2. The customers will not have experience of undelivered cheques or loss of cheques.
3. The customers will receive policy benefits and other proceeds on time.
4. The customers will receive SMS via the phone number as informed to the Company to notify that policy benefits and other proceeds are transferred to the bank account.
Application Channels for Media Clearing 
1. Online service application via or MTL Click Application (The application can be downloaded from App Store and Play Store.)
2. Application via application form, the form can be downloaded at
1. The account name applied for Media Clearing must match with name-surname of the policy owner as informed to the Company.
2. In case of unsuccessful Media Clearing application or information changes, the Company will send you a letter to provide details and request for additional documents via mail to the address as informed to the Company.
Service Recommendations
1. The bank account should be a saving account or a current account with regular transactions. In case the customers make premium payment via direct debit from bank account (APP), the customers should use the same account for both services.
2. In case of service changes or cancellation, the insureds are required to declare in writing to the Company the intent to cancel the application for Media Clearing.
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