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Muang Thai Life Assurance aims to recruit, “develop” and, with best effort, maintain our staff. Under the “forward thinking people” management standard, you will be provided with the remuneration that is appropriate to your responsibilities and specific professional competency “with opportunity to grow in various positions”.

Other fringe benefits

As we realize that to keep our customers happy and smiling, “all of our staff must be happy and smiling first”. With that in mind, we treat our staff as a member of Muang Thai Life Assurance family. In addition to the welfares provided according to the law, “we provide much more good things to our staff”. You will receive fringe benefits similar to those provided in leading organizations as well as the opportunity and support to pursue further education in various fields and participate in activities that the Company arranges as special privileges to all members of Muang Thai Life Assurance family throughout the year.

Development and career path

Muang Thai Life Assurance encourages our staff to undergo development and advancement in their career path. In any functions and departments of the Company, you will be trained to gain “insight knowledge and skills” continuously through standardized training system with open opportunity available in order for everyone to be “fully developed”. The Company provides options of internal training courses, training courses with external institutes both national and international, for staff to take tests on the knowledge and skills specific to their professions and nature of work, plus national and international scholarships granted every year. Are you ready?... If so and think that you are one of the “forward thinking people” ready to deliver happiness and smiles to our customers, come join us and be a part of Muang Thai Life Assurance family.

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