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Social Activities


We know education is important, therefore, we focus on developing good education to our children.

Muang Thai Life Assurance still focused on activities to support educational development out of its recognition of the importance in providing good quality education to less fortunate youth or remote rural areas. In this regard, the Company granted scholarship, donated learning media and school and sport equipment, and renovated school buildings, as well as organized activities to improve the capacity of youth in all aspects, so that they become knowledgeable and skilled, and also able to express themselves fittingly.


We are continually giving back to society by both holding public charities and developing communities.

From past till present, Muang Thai Life Assurance has always recognized the importance of supporting and giving back to the society. Each year the Company organizes joint activities with a range of organizations as a contribution to social development. The Company supports different charity events, arranges community activities hoping to enhance income level and living conditions, and promotes various sport activities to foster and strengthen people’s health.


We support art & culture activities to admire and encourage the artists to continue creating good work for social.

Valuable Thai art and culture is another area that the Company has continuously placed great interest in as they are regarded as priceless national heritage worthy for everyone to help preserve and prolong for later generations. The Company has therefore rendered its incessant support for activities relating to Thai art and culture, which not only contributes to sustain and glorify the priceless inheritance, but it also serves as a moral support for artists who produce such wonderful creations for the society.


We support Buddhism Activities to keep it existed along with our nation.

Since Buddhism is regarded as the center of hearts for all Thais, the Company has therefore fully extended its support to Buddhism activities organized under different traditional religious ceremonies and on different occasions in order to preserve Buddhism in the country forever.


Due to the environment is the major issue, we aim to support environmental conservation and educate people to save it as well.

Muang Thai Life Assurance is prepared to take part in efforts to support and promote the conservation of the environment and natural resources through various environmental projects, and hopefully contribute to instilling proper conscience among Thai population to recognize the need to help conserve, maintain, and restore the environment and natural resources, appreciate its value, and make efficient use in order for the resources to remain with us forever.

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